Divorced Parents

I can just about guarantee that every family has encountered a divorce in their own or extended family. The reasons of divorce can be compacted into three major reasons. 1. Parents divorcing because they fell out of love and admiration. 2. Irreconcilable differences that never seemed to have a solution. 3. Realizing and agreeing that [...]

Here’s to never growing up

Who else dreads the future of 9-5's, serious relationships and responsibilities other than making it to your 9am. Who yearns for independence, personal choices and of course, adulting. Even with all the positives aligned, there's something tragic about growing up. Then again, something exhilarating. But, who said I can't have my cake and eat it [...]

Sorry, Can’t. I’m “Finding Myself”

Okay, I've probably said this at least 101 times in my lifetime and I never truly understood the meaning. It sounds self-explanatory but is it really as blunt as it sounds. Does finding yourself mean getting your life together in terms of schooling, career choice and future decisions. Maybe it's recognizing morals and life choices [...]